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September 2005

School has finally started. Joanna and Garnet both attend elementary school. Garnet is in 3rd grade while Joanna has entered into all-day Kindergarten. They both seem to be enjoying it this year. Anya is enjoying her time at home with mommy, but really doesn't like watching Garnet and Joanna get on the bus without her. We've tried making the transition easier on her by scheduling play times with her friends and signing her up for dance and gymnastics.




October 2005

The weather this year for Halloween was a little damp and cold. We went for the first time into downtown for trick-or-treating at the local shops. The kids had a blast. It was really neat to see a lot of people out and about on the streets with all the little ghosts and goblins. This year Garnet was a Washington State Trooper (costume courtesy of Grandma Larson); Joanna was Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) and Anya was Cinderella.


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